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The Adventure Deck System is a new rondel-based deck builder RPG that is playable solo or with friends, or even with enemies! Control a single hero, using your Adventure Deck to describe your hero and their actions in detail. Use Adventure Setting Cards and Foe Cards to craft an adventure for yourself and your friends. The Adventure Deck System uses instant resolution mechanics to ensure that you don't even need a table to play. Play around a campfire, on the train, and more! Randomizers are built right into the cards so you will never need dice or an app to determine chance again.


In development...

Currently in early alpha, Mercenary Kingdoms is a Eurogame style, map tile placement, resource building and logistics management game with a unique combat system at its core. As you build your kingdom you must also manage your resources and your military wisely, lest you lose your mercenaries to other players, or even worse, they go rogue to rampage and pillage on their own! Unlike many other games with war at the center of the game, the win condition of Mercenary Kingdoms is not necessarily who conquers the most land or has the larger armies. In fact, an army that is too large can become a liability, for when all wars end, nations must take care of their Veterans. Can you strike a balance between power, responsible resource management, and taking care of your Veterans after the war ends? Find out in Mercenary Kingdoms!



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